Whether it be the light on a far landscape, a line of poetry or a dream, I work with images and ideas that I feel intimate with and that inspire me. The subjects of contemplation, seen through memory and imagination dance with rhythms, harmonies and the unexpected in a creative dialogue.

I compare this process to entering a wilderness where there is no path. Intuition creates the pathway that is needed at any given moment. Wandering, remaining open and 'finding' rather than 'willing', is central to the sense of discovery that informs my work.

For me, the beauty of painting resides in the meaning intrinsic to every mark, form and color relationship. These formal qualities create a nonverbal language that tells stories. The stories that emerge in my work often include figures that embody archetypal energies. Initially or at times spontaneously, these 'deities' reveal themselves in the landscape, personifications of a 'presence' that suffuses the natural world.

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