I offer private instruction at my home studio in Sebastopol situated in a wooded rural setting or can travel to you. We work with drawing tools, watercolor and/or acrylic. I enjoy meeting people where they're at in their journey, offering options and methods to help them grow and discover their authentic creativity through art process.

I have taught at after school programs and at the Childrens Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago plus work with teens and adults.

All levels ages 8 and up.

Fees: $45 per hour (materials not included).

Touch the Earth

I offer workshops in intuitive paint process grounded in nature for special events and conferences. As a mentor I also work with individuals in co creating personal modalities for art inquiry.

In pursuing a deeper course of attunement we find our body to be part of a vast body. Art practice in nature (the outdoors) is a potent theater for a deeper sense of enchantment, connection, spiritual embodiment and creative revelation.

Held in a loving container we ground in the earth, the elements and nature, letting our native impulse to explore and commune with the vegetable and elemental worlds return. Using components of painting, drawing, movement, meditation, poetry and song we delve into a multi layered call and response. The shared intention to hold sacred space and the tender arising of soul response in nature softens our attachment to 'product' in artistic expression and makes for greater currents of aliveness through grounded play. As our awareness deepens and we relax into our true nature, dormant relationships from the deep past come alive. Facing the inevitable shadows that arise in creative dialogue challenges us to go deeper, to experience the root of our unease and give that as an offering to Gaia. She does the work, we do the dance, let go, revive and deepen.

If this work calls to you please contact me for more information at zievestiudos@gmail.com or 707-634-4640.

Infinite River: Intuitive Painting Workshop

This workshop is designed to liberate the participants from conventional concepts of art making, so that they can fully trust their own innate ability to find joy, connection and release through the creative process. Participants are guided to the center of their body/mind with gentle exercise and tempera on paper. Fears and inhibitions that block the flow of creativity are disarmed so that participants can identify what keeps them disconnected from their intuitive source. A fun and rewarding experience for teens and adults, artists and non-artists alike.

Workshops run anywhere from 3 hours to 7 hours. All materials provided.

Workshop photo

Infinite River: Intuitive Painting Workshops

Flatfile Galleries, Chicago, IL. (with Mur Quaglia)
Atelier Mur Quaglia, Chicago, IL. (with Mur Quaglia)
Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Michigan City, IN.
Purdue University, North Central, Westville, IN.
Zieve Studios, Three Oaks, MI.
Tom Robinson Studio, Chicago, IL.
Silver Creek Farm, Laporte, IN.
Camp Summit Boot Camp for Juvenile Boys, Laporte, IN.
Liberation Park, Buddhist Study Center, Oak Park, IL. (with Mur Quaglia)
Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, IL.

Process Painting and Somatic Inquiry:

Petaluma Art Center, Petaluma, Ca. Workshop and 10 week class series. 2019
Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA. Two 5 week series. 2019

Touch the Earth: Intuitive Art Workshops

Sacred Garden Events, Sebastopol, CA. 2018 and 2019


"Michael created a unique setting to explore moment to moment what wished to come forward on to the paper in front of me. This was achieved through his ability to convey his understanding of the creative process as well as connect us to our bodies through movement and grounding. What a fun and rich day!"
David Lee, Sebastopol, CA.

"...the workshop was a wonderful experience for me. I was able through Zieve's gentle coaching, to open my mind to colors I never dreamed of painting with, and to breakdown personal restrictions about what to paint and how to paint. The workshop encouraged me to become one with the brush, the paint, and the paper, and to freely express my interior dialogue in my work."
Susan Aurinko, Flatfile Galleries, Chicago

"...I felt challenged to own my ability to listen and take heartfelt action in a medium where I have often felt a great deal of uncertainty. Thanks for your attention and directness. A totally freeing experience. Wonderful job."
Don Wenig, Dancing Feet Yoga, Michigan City, IN.

"I am constantly looking for tools to break down barriers to the creative flow. The workshop with Mike was a big help. It was supportive and fun (yet serious) ...I recommend it to any artist who is looking for ways to loosen up!"
Lynn Bassa, Chicago

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