As a fine artist who has been teaching process creativity for years my work has been influenced by the spiritual ideals embedded in this pure quest for individuation through art making.

For me the beauty of painting resides in the meaning intrinsic to every mark, form and color relationship. When formal qualities harmonize and there is feeling (or content) the painting by itself creates an archetypal field beyond space and time. Filtered through memory the subjects of contemplation, dance with the rhythms of heart and hand, evoking a larger sphere of existence.

I make paintings, drawings and mixed media works in a variety of stylistic approaches and see myself in a tradition of art making based in direct perception, sensation and imagination as opposed to conceptually based work.

Wandering, remaining open and finding rather than willing is central to the sense of discovery that informs my work. As I grow older I find my capacity to listen to the whispers of the intuitive body/mind deepens. Embodied practices like dance, yoga, qi gong, and meditation, inspire and inform my creative practice. I celebrate the tradition of artist as mystic whose work expresses essential qualities of being, channeled through soul and imagination.

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